Frank Reich wonders “why can’t it be us” in the AFC

The Colts outlasted the Jaguars for a 23-17 win on Sunday and they’re now 5-5 after opening the season with three straight losses.

That record puts them right in the thick of a crowded race for playoff spots in the AFC and the change of circumstances is leading to thoughts about what might be in the future for the Colts. After the win was in the books, head coach Frank Reich wondered if the Colts might be able to continue rising to the top of the conference now that they’ve returned to .500.

“There’s a lot of good teams in the AFC but no one’s just taken over, so why can’t it be us? Why can’t the Indianapolis Colts take over right now? That’s our mindset,” Reich said, via the team’s website. “Why can’t we take over? So, if we’re going to do it, we got to prove it this weekend in Buffalo against a very good football team.”

The Colts will face the Buccaneers after the Bills, so the next two weeks should provide a lot of the answers that Reich was looking for on Sunday.