Capcom’s intriguing dystopian sci-fi game Pragmata pushed back to 2023

Capcom’s sci-fi thriller Pragmata has been pushed back a year. The strange dystopian title was targeted for 2022, but the developers need more time to work on it. Capcom announced the delay with a 30-second cinematic trailer showing one of the game’s protagonists holding a sign that says, “Sorry,” with 2022 crossed out and replaced with 2023.

We first heard of Pragmata during Sony’s The Future of Gaming showcase in June 2020. At the time is was set to launch next year. Unfortunately, the title has to be pushed back at least a year.

We don’t know a whole lot about the game. The announcement trailer (below) is surreal and doesn’t explain much. Furthermore, Capcom has been tight-lipped about the story and instead chose to brag about all the next-gen tech the game will leverage.

“Our development team is hard at work on this brand new game title, making full use of new next-gen tech, such as ray-tracing, to create a breathtaking and immersive sci-fi setting like never before,” Capcom said in its 2020 announcement. “We’re very eager to show more, but… that’s all we have for now.”

Here’s all we know about the game based solely on its “Extended Cut” announcement trailer:

The action takes place on what looks like a post-apocalyptic Earth. There are cars and skyscrapers, but everything seems abandoned. There is no telling why things are the way they are, but an astronaut seems to be surveying the situation with some strange confetti gun that reveals otherwise invisible traces of a child. We soon find out that things are not what they seem.

The city is not on Earth but instead is a domed habitat on the moon. We realize this as a satellite crashes through the fake glass sky (dome), and the astronaut and a little girl get sucked out into space, winding up on the surface of the moon.

They were apparently in some sort of prison or oppressive moon colony because when the girl sees the Earth just over the horizon, she asks the astronaut, “What is that?” and he says, “Freedom. Our freedom.”

Only the little girl is not a little girl. You see this as the astronaut slings her onto his back, seemingly to protect her from the falling satellite. However, she saves him instead by grabbing his helmet and activating a high-tech netting system to slow the thing down. So the girl is either a robot or some entity (AI) that can either take over electronic systems or maybe is a part of the spacesuit.

Unfortunately, that’s about it. We have seen no gameplay, and Capcom has only shown the announcement trailer and the apology above, which are entirely cinematic. However, it did share a bit of artwork on its progress blog.

“Hello everyone. Our team is hard at work on the project, but to ensure this will be an unforgettable adventure, we’ve decided to shift the release window to 2023. In the meantime, we have a brand new artwork to share with you. Thank you for your patience.”

Although we have no idea how long the game has been in the works, Capcom obviously feels that 2022 was an ambitious launch frame for what appears to be an ambitious title. I’m very interested to see more about Pragmata as development progresses.